Kathryn Rosenbach - Pianist, Teacher, Composer

Reviews and Endorsements

"Sights and Sounds of French Impressionism"

"This is a very fine recital of popular and widely recorded pieces by Debussy and Ravel, which...easily holds its own against the competition."

-- Jerry Dubins

"Kathryn Rosenbach has a fine command of keyboard color, a trait so necessary to convincing performances of this repertoire. A finely etched “Reflets dans l’eau” sets out Rosenbach’s strengths. Each right-hand simultaneity is carefully balanced, the result clearly of much thought. She is not one to drench everything in a haze of sustaining pedal; lines speak clearly.

-- Colin Clarke

Read the full reviews and an interview with Kathryn (PDF) from Fanfare Magazine, published in July/August 2017.

"This exceptional CD of music by Debussy and Ravel performed by pianist Kathryn Rosenbach has captured the essence of French Impressionism in a superb display of keyboard color and motion. Her ability to extract the sensuality and variety of colors in sound and motion at the keyboard is special. There are many recordings of this great music, but this one has special qualities not often heard.

"It should be included in one's collection of Impressionistic Music."

-- Dianne Goolkasian Rahbee, composer